With the Benefits And Housing Review complete and the roommates and families chosen, it's time to bring your vision for a Shared Living solution to life.

We will work with the families involved throughout the process, which may include:

  • Reviewing Benefits And Housing Reviews, support plans, and housing and support needs, to identify ways to maximize success
  • Identifying funding streams (Medicaid-funded personal care, housing subsidies, other)
  • Developing a household budget
  • Navigating the Section 8 process
  • Identifying and securing housing
  • Facilitating landlord relationships
  • Creating a caregiver job description and caregiver agreements, and facilitating onboarding (Partners4Housing does not recruit or hire caregivers)
  • Establishing a relationship with a home healthcare agency
  • Setting up resident notebooks
  • Establishing house rules and procedures
  • Developing and finalizing guardian agreements, landlord agreements, and house operating agreements
  • Facilitation of three separate reviews over six months -- we call it our 6 Month Path to Success -- of all agreements, household budgets, and household procedures; providing tools and modeling a communication pattern to help families ensure that roommates and their caregiver thrive together

Already have roommates in mind?

There’s no requirement to participate in the Roommate Matching Pool if your family has already chosen other families to collaborate with. However, a Benefits And Housing Review is required for each participating family.

Get started on your Shared Living Development
Partners4Housing merges collective expertise from the housing, government and disability worlds to collaborate with families in developing shared living homes for people with disabilities. That each home possesses its own personality and structure reflects Partners4Housing's ability to personalize the needs of all involved. Without the voice of clarity, reassurance and seasoned guidance, our efforts to create our home would have collapsed! Partners4Housing gifts our loved ones with disabilities with a place to call 'home,' where their lives can flourish because of more independence.
- Natalie, parent