Roommate Matching Pool
Who will they live with?

Partners4Housing helps families find one another to create a shared home with its Roommate Matching Pool. After the Benefits And Housing Review is completed, eligible families are invited to join the Roommate Matching Pool and search through profiles to find compatible roommates and families.

The Roommate Matching Pool Includes:

  • Unlimited access to the pool for the duration of your subscription
  • Easy-to-use search functions so you can easily find potentially compatible roommates
  • Private messaging tool to contact potentially compatible families securely


  • Access to the Roommate Matching Pool is by invitation only (see below).
  • First year FREE with a Benefits And Housing Review (if invited to participate). Your first year begins when you publish your profile, regardless of when you sign up for the Benefits And Housing Review. So you can sign up now and complete the Benefits And Housing Review, and wait until you’re ready to start searching for a roommate to activate your free year.
  • $120/yr after the first year.*
  • Subsequent annual subscriptions are purchased through your member portal

Access to the Roommate Matching Pool is by invitation only and available only after completing the Benefits And Housing Review. This helps ensure that our Roommate Matching Pool functions effectively and securely for all families. Remember, it takes time to find and connect with the right roommates and parent partners. That's why we offer the first year free.

*For a limited time, while we are building our Roommate Matching Pool across the country, anyone who purchases a Benefits And Housing Review will be considered a Legacy Customer, and will have forever access to the Roommate Pool at no additional charge. We hope this encourages more families to purchase the Benefits And Housing Review and begin planning now.

The guidance and information we received from Partners4Housing was indispensable to us when we set up our shared living home. It gave us the confidence to realize that we could figure out how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, in order to create a home for our daughter, two roommates, and two live-in caregivers.
- Janelle, parent