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Creating innovative shared living solutions for adults with disabilities
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Partners4Housing is here to help you navigate the complex service agencies and secure housing for your loved one.

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Partners4Housing is a team of professionals who have been working with families of adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) for over 20 years. We help families navigate the complex service agencies and secure housing for their loved ones.

Watch the video to learn more about how we can help you.

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We work with families of adults with IDD to get the benefits they are entitled to and secure housing.

Our flagship product helps to establish a baseline and bring visibility to areas that need attention.

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Receive a free Benefits and Housing Review courtesy of the Dan Thompson Memorial fund. Discount applied at checkout.

Benefits And Housing Review (BAHR)

A comprehensive service review to ensure your Loved One has all the services they are entitled to (some clients have found that this can pay for the cost of the Benefits And Housing Review)

  • Limited Time Grant For WA Residents
  • A follow-up consultation to prepare for future housing
  • Assistance in navigating the complex service agencies
  • A printable report for future reference
  • One Year Access to our Roommate Matching Pool

What our customers are saying

Once we found Partners4Housing, we knew we could accomplish our vision. For the first time we felt hopeful about our son’s future.

Becky, parent

Partners4Housing helped us navigate a maze of bureaucracies and supported us as we launched our son into independence.

Cathy, parent

We will be forever grateful for Partners4Housing’s knowledge and assistance in setting up a shared living home for our daughter and her roommate. She is thriving and my husband and I just took our first vacation alone in 23 years!!

Cindy, parent

My mom wanted me to live with her forever, and I love her a lot. But I wanted to move out and be independent like my brother.

Eve, shared living roommate

Partners4Housing’s vast knowledge and experience helped immeasurably with the Section 8 process, including their assistance to our landlord— who was new to Section 8 himself—and their valuable guidance to our partnered families and our caregiver as we crafted the caregiver agreement.

John, parent

I can’t imagine how we would have found such compatible roommates and parent partners without the Partners4Housing’s roommate matching platform.

Martha, parent

We are so thankful for Partners4Housing’s assistance with our daughter’s Section 8. We requested reasonable accommodation for a live-in caregiver, for shared housing, and to rent from a relative. We didn’t know this was possible. We whole-heartedly recommend Partners4Housing.

Nancy, parent

Partners4Housing is simply the best!! Their deep understanding of the complicated housing needs for many people with disabilities is unmatched. Highly recommend!!

Suzanne, parent

I wholeheartedly recommend Partners4Housing to any family embarking on this journey.

Tim, parent

After completing the Benefits And Housing Review and meeting with Partners4Housing, we learned our son was eligible for more service hours than he was receiving from the state. His personal care hours doubled, increasing his state funding by $765 per month.
- Nancy, Parent