Consulting Services
One-to-one guidance... when you need it

We offer private consultation to families exploring housing solutions. A few consulting options are only available for our Shared Living Development Clients.

Consulting Prices:

1 to 4 hours$200/hr

Prepaid Packages:

5 hours$875
10 hours$1,500
15 hours$2,000
20 hours$2,500

Consulting Areas

  • The HUD Section 8 application process (estimated hours: 2-5)
  • Guidance on housing and shared living solutions
  • Presentations to groups on housing
  • Special projects; contact us for further information

The reality is that caregivers change over time, as do roommates, and support needs may change. Because life evolves, we offer a menu of services for families who have worked with us to establish a Shared Living Home.

The chances of success of a shared home are maximized when the Shared Living Development is completed in its entirety. And because the elements of Shared Living Development build on one another and interconnect, families who purchase one element in isolation end up requiring more assistance than they previously thought. Because we want to ensure your success, in a timely and cost-effective manner, this menu of follow-on services is only available to families who have undergone the Shared Living Development process with us.

ElementEstimated hours
6 Month Path to Success12-20
Caregiver Rehire6-10
Household Budgets4-10
Family Commitment Agreement4
Landlord Negotiations3
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We were so grateful to have this level of professional guidance and support as our son moved from our family home into an apartment nearby. Successful housing for people with disabilities requires a working knowledge of the agencies involved in an individual's personal care, financial support, and rental subsidies. We could NEVER have accomplished this move on our own.
- Barb, parent