Our Mission
Driven by a belief that home is the foundation for a good life

Our mission is to empower families to create housing solutions that meet the unique needs of their Loved One with a disability.

We are a mission-driven for-profit organization that exists to help families of adults with IDD create shared living solutions that are sustainable, affordable, and serve as the foundation for a more fulfilling and good life.

Why for-profit?

Pam witnessed the devastation of non-profits during the 2008 financial downturn. When she launched Partners4Housing, she was determined to build a financially sustainable company that could scale nationally to offer Partners4Housing’s services to more families, and build an organization that would be viable long after she retires.

This focus on long-term viability is important to the families we work with. It takes several years to create a housing solution, and families may require ongoing support as their Loved One’s life evolves (for example, finding new roommates, hiring new caregivers, or changing levels of support).

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