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KJZZ RADIO - Housing Company Matches People With Disabilities To Others With Disabilities

In June, KJZZ told you about a community geared toward people with disabilities called Luna Azul in north Phoenix. Some residents there live mostly alone, while others found roommates. Still, finding the right roommate can be difficult. But there is a service to help families match up.

Pam Blanton is the founder and CEO of Partners4Housing. Her organization helps people with disabilities set up housing solutions so they can live more independently. And sometimes that means finding a roommate.

Blanton says there are not enough housing options for people with disabilities and some families don’t like the options that are out there, “so they want to create their own solution and the way to make that affordable and sustainable over time is by sharing the cost of housing and services,” she said.

Blanton says 70% of adults with disabilities in the U.S. live with their families. She says 24% of those family caregivers are over the age of 60.

Blanton says her company is the only matching service that pairs people with disabilities with other people with disabilities.

For more information, contact Pam Blanton at (971) 599-1010 or