Once roommates are identified, Partners4Housing will collaborate with families to develop a Shared Living solution. This process may include:

  • Reviewing Residential Assessments
  • Reviewing Individual Support Plans
  • Identifying housing and support needs
  • Identifying funding streams (Medicaid Personal Care, private pay, other)
  • Developing household budgets
  • Navigating the Section 8 process
  • Identifying and securing housing
  • Facilitating landlord relationships
  • Creating caregiver job description
  • Facilitating the hiring of a caregiver
  • Developing caregiver agreements
  • Establishing relationship with home healthcare agency
  • Setting up resident notebooks
  • Establishing house rules, procedures, processes
  • Developing and finalizing guardian agreements, landlord agreements, and house operating agreements

The Residential Assessment is the first step.  For more information about Shared Living Development, contact Pam Blanton at 206-383-4209

Pam Blanton merges her collective expertise from the housing, government and disability worlds to collaborate with families in developing shared living homes for those with disabilities. That each home possesses its own personality and structure reflects Pam’s ability to personalize the needs of all parties involved. Without her voice of clarity, reassurance and seasoned guidance, our efforts to create our home would have collapsed! Partners4Housing is the foundation on which to build a well-staffed, financially sustainable home. But Pam also gifts our loved ones with disabilities a place to call ‘home” where their lives can flourish because of more independence.

Natalie & Nobuya H.

Sammamish, WA



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