Eligible families can search through profiles to find compatible roommates and compatible families with whom to partner.

Partners4Housing’s model involves families collaborating with other families to create a Shared Living solution.  Finding compatible roommates is a huge challenge.  Finding compatible families who share vision and values is vital for success.  Our Residential Assessment is the first step.

Once the assessment is completed, eligible families will be invited to our Roommate Matching Pool where they can search through profiles to find roommates and families with whom to partner to create a housing solution that meets the unique needs of their family members.

Pam was indispensable to us, when we set up our shared living home, in 2017. Pam gave us the confidence to realize that we could figure out how to put all the pieces of the puzzle together, in order to create a home for our daughter, two roommates, and two live-in caregivers. Pam used her network to find us a wonderful roommate; and this roommate is the perfect match for our daughter. Pam was amazingly knowledgeable in helping us navigate Section 8 housing. Pam attended many of our household meetings, while we were establishing our home. Her insights into planning the operations were invaluable. We are so grateful for Pam’s knowledge and assistance in which she guided us through the process of creating a wonderful shared living home.

Janelle and Chris O.

Seattle, WA



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