The Residential Assessment is a valuable tool for anyone who is exploring housing for their family member with a disability. The assessment is designed to provide families with important questions to consider when planning for future housing. It becomes the basis for developing your housing vision. It also identifies what your family has in place and what you need to put in place to support your vision. It provides the foundation for action steps that help you move forward.

The Residential Assessment includes about 125 questions related to your:

  • Housing vision
  • Desired living environment and lifestyle preferences
  • Support needs, current benefits and services
  • Geographical parameters


The Residential Assessment provides us with an overview of your family member’s lifestyle preferences, desired living environment, favorite social activities, support needs, benefits and services, and other resources.  It also provides us with an overview of your family’s housing vision.

The assessment is used to identify gaps in your family member’s benefits and services and is the first step to joining our Roommate Matching Pool.

$300 fee includes:

  • a service review to ensure that your loved one has all the services they are entitled to;
  • a follow-up phone consultation to identify steps you can take now to prepare for future housing;
  • assistance navigating services;
  • a printable report for your records;
  • access to our Roommate Matching Pool (by invitation).

Confidentiality: We promise to honor your privacy to the fullest extent allowed by the law. We will not disclose or share any personal information without your consent.   The Residential Assessment is copyrighted and proprietary to Partners4Housing.   Please do not duplicate, publish or share with any other party without the specific prior written authorization of Partners4Housing.

Disclaimer: We are committed to helping you create a sustainable housing solution for your family member with a disability. But, we cannot guarantee a roommate match or a housing solution.

We were so grateful to have the guidance and support of Pam as our son moved from our family home into an apartment nearby.  Successful housing for people with disabilities requires a working knowledge of the agencies involved in an individual’s personal care, financial support, and rental subsidies.  Pam helped us navigate these systems based on her many years of experience working with Section 8, King County Developmental Disabilities Division, and DSHS Developmental Disabilities Administration. We could NEVER have accomplished this move on our own.  Additionally, Pam’s Residential Assessment helped clarify the resources we had in place to support our son’s move, those we needed to PUT in place for him, as well as his needs and preferences regarding a roommate.  Our son has lived successfully in his apartment for more than five years now.  Pam was hugely instrumental in this success.

Barb H.

Woodinville, WA



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