Have you ever wondered…

  • How families create a quality living arrangement for their family member with a disability?
  • What makes housing affordable and sustainable?
  • Who provides the quality care our family members deserve?
  • Why it’s important to know what makes roommates compatible?
  • Why it’s essential to partner with compatible families?
  • If your family member has all the benefits they are entitled to?

Partners4Housing has developed an innovative housing model for people with disabilities that involves families collaborating with other families to create a Shared Living solution.

Shared Living is when people with disabilities live together to share housing and support services.  The support services that families desire include caregiving, supervision, shopping, cooking, cleaning, medication management, money management, planning social and recreational activities, transportation, representative payee services, benefits coordination, and more.  We’ve heard from many families who are concerned about affordable housing, quality caregivers, personal safety, and loneliness and isolation.  Finding compatible roommates and compatible families with whom to partner is a HUGE challenge.  Most families understand that sharing the cost of housing and coordinated services is more economically viable and sustainable long-term.

The essence of our model is that compatible families commit to working together to identify and secure appropriate housing and services, and they collaborate to make the shared solution successful.

My association with Pam dates back nearly 20 years. Pam was instrumental in assisting my husband and I in setting up the first shared living housing arrangement in King County for our disabled daughter.  Over the years as our daughter’s needs have changed, Pam was the first resource we turned to when we needed advice and help.  Her guidance has allowed our daughter and her two roommates to stay together since August 2000, a remarkable record.

Not only is Pam extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of housing, she is one of the most caring and compassionate person we know.  It is always a pleasure working with Pam.

Patty & Brian F.

Federal Way, WA



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